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Learning through YouTube

Learning through YouTube

Youtube channels I subscribed to learn software developing.

Youtube is now an Educational Platform used by many students, children, learners in many age groups. Wanna learn to play the piano or the guitar? Do you want to learn to create some awesome animation? Just open your Youtube app on mobile or type in the google search bar with the keyword Youtube. In a millisecond, you will find millions of videos related to your topic. But The question is all of these videos based on your search results are quality content?. I don't know about you, but my answer is no.

Recently, I scrolled through my Youtube subscribed channel list. To my surprise, I saw some Youtube channels I didn't use for ages. Also, I identified channels that I always use. I asked myself the following question.

Why on earth do I like to watch the videos on these channels most of the time?

The answer is clear to me. It is because of the quality of the videos. The quality, I mean in here, is not only the video quality. The quality of the Youtuber's representation also needs to be considered. For example, imagine that I am creating a video to publish on Youtube and that video is a Programming tutorial. My teaching style in the video affects the quality of that video.

So, I found some great Youtube channels to learn coding, programming, or we can say 'software developing' in a respective tone.

Here is a list of Youtube channels to know. Also, note that this is not a particular order I created.

  1. Freecodecamp
  2. Edureka
  3. CS50
  4. Derek Banas
  5. Computerphile
  6. 13Cubed
  7. Simplelearn
  8. The new boston
  9. The pc security channel
  10. WebDesignGeek


Freecodecamp logo.png

Freecodecamp is a well-known Youtube channel in the developer community with 3.43M subscribers and 174,936,394 channel views during the time writing this post. This excellent Youtube channel started on December 16, 2014. There are excellent coding tutorials we can found in here. These tutorials help to break the gap between the theory and practical use cases. You can found many Real-World application-building tutorials on Freecodecamp Youtube Channel. Also, you can learn many computer science concepts like Data structures, Algorithms, and many more. Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Data Science, Data Analyst, Node.js, Machine Learning, and many more topics covered through Freecodecamp Channel. Freecodecamp talks is another sister channel to Freecodecamp. Applying the theories we learned to solve real-world problems is difficult. Freecodecamp is a great solution to minimize this difficulty.

Freecodecamp Banner

Here is an excellent video from the Freecodecamp talks channel. How to write technical blogs presented by the founder and a teacher of Freecodecamp, Quincy Larson.


Edureka Logo.png

Edureka is another good Youtube channel that started on June 16, 2012. Now, it has earned 2.56M subscribers and 208,559,500 channel views. Most of the time, they are holding live Youtube lessons. They cover enough areas in the technical field including, Big data and Hadoop, DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Angular, Data science, Apache spark, Python, Selenium, Tableau, Android, AWS, Digital marketing, and so on.

Edureka Banner.png

Here is a video titled Top 10 Certifications for 2021 on the Edureka channel. You can explore trending technologies, programming languages, certifications, and so on like this. And it's helpful to build our curriculum and a learning plan for our dream job in the developer community.


CS50 logo.png

CS50 is another well-known and excellent Youtube channel. This Youtube channel is related to the most popular computer science course named "Introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming." offered by Harvard University. CS50 Youtube channel earned 664K subscribers and 42,627,050 channel views during the time of writing this post. CS50 Youtube channel started on December 15, 2011. In general, the CS50 Youtube channel has filled with lectures, talks, podcasts, and seminars. It's relevant to brush up on computer science topics or study computer science from beginner to advanced.

CS50 Banner.png

There are short videos to explore topics related to CS50's lectures in more detail. The podcast playlist is more focused on and explains more detail about computer science topics. I recommend CS50 because the excellent teaching style of Prof. David J. Malan and Brain Yu helps to understand the computer science concepts more clearly.

Password Security, Incognito mode is one of my favourite Podcasts in the CS50's

Derek Banas.

Derek Banas Logo.png

Derek Banas channel is a bit different from other Youtube channels I mentioned. According to the channel description, Derek Banas makes tutorials based on viewers' requests. This Youtube channel has earned 1.11M subscribers and 107 673 269 channel views. Derek Banas started it on August 12, 2008. He is the owner of the new think tank website. He is also a Udemy instructuor. You can find a lot more video tutorials related to various subjects. Here are some topics that you can learn from this Youtube channel.

Time series analysis
Linear algebra
Machine learning and data science
Maths for machine learning
ios development
Javascript games
React tutorials

Derek Banas Banner.png

I am very interested in Robotics Programming. So, this is one of my favourite videos on this channel, CurcuitPython Tutorial


Computerphile logo.png

Computerphile is another excellent Youtube Channel that needs to mention in here. I spend most of the time on this Youtube channel watching various videos. Computerphile earned 1.9M subscribers and 158,096,663 channel views at the time I am writing this post. Brady John Haran who is an independent filmmaker and video journalist started this Youtube channel on April 10, 2009. He usually produces educational videos and documentary films for his Youtube channels. Periodic Videos and Numberphile are his most notable Youtube channels. Computerphile is a sister channel to Numberphile. You can find many videos about computers and computer science on this channel.

Computerphile banner.png

How Shazam Works (Probably) is one of my favourite videos on the Computerphile channel. It focused on the audio mechanics and algorithms behind the music identifier app named Shazam with David Domminney Fowler.


13Cubed logo.png

13Cubed is another excellent Youtube Channel to mention. At the time I am writing this post, 13Cubed earned 27.2K Subscribers and 793,784 channel views. It started on August 25, 2006, by Richard Davis as a side project. 13Cubed Youtube channel covers information security-related topics plus Digital Forensics, Incident Response (DFIR) and Penetration Testing, in addition to tutorials and overviews of various apps and scripts written by Richard Davis. Its playlist has videos related to these topics; Malware analysis, memory forensics, windows forensics, Digital Forensics.

13Cubed Banner.png

I believe it's vital to know about Information security-related topics (as an example, cryptographic algorithms) as a software developer because these days, software vulnerabilities, bugs, malicious apps, and various cyber threats are rising. So, the knowledge about Information security will help you to create a safer product. This problem can be seen in the cryptographic field mostly. For example, algorithmic engineers design cryptographic algorithms and Programmers can't write the program due to the lack of knowledge about maths in the algorithm.

I recently watched this Introduction to Hashcat video on this channel, and it's covered a lot more about the Hashcat program.

Simple Learn.

Simple learn logo.png

According to their description, "simple learn" is an online Bootcamp focused on helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. This is another excellent Youtube channel that started on October 29, 2009. The simple learn Youtube channel has earned 1.17M subscribers and 80,178,656 channel views throughout the time I am writing this post.

Much like the Edureka Youtube channel, It covers more topics related to the tech field like Machine learning, Data Science, Digital Marketing DevOps, and so on. Live sessions cover a lot more about these topics in detail.

Also, you can see many videos related to the Interview tips and career advice which is very helpful to avoid mistakes when landing your first dev job.

How to choose a career is a video I recently watched from the simple learn Youtube channel. It gives a solid understanding of selecting a career path.

The new Boston.

New Boston logo.png

The new boston is a blockchain platform for everyone. Their primary goal is to popularize cryptocurrency. It's also worth checking their website to know more about using this platform if you are interested. thenewboston
Their Youtube channel started on February 4, 2008. Now, it earned 2.53M subscribers and 481,027,933 channel views. The new boston Youtube channel is better for beginners to start their developer journey. You can find beginner-friendly guides to Docker, ReactJs, Node.js, ECMA script 6, Angular, Sass and SCSS, Django, Python, C++, Java, and so on.

New Boston Banner.png

You can also find a video series to making a web crawler using python and you can use it to build your web crawler to add to your portfolio.

PC Security Channel.

The Pc security channel logo.png

The pc security channel is more focused on cybersecurity. The main difference between this channel and most cybersecurity-related Youtube channels is real-world testing of products like antivirus software. These days mainly due to the pandemic, Internet usage and spending time being online raised. Protecting ourselves from various cyber threats is a critical part of our lives. Different kinds of antivirus companies continuously releasing various antivirus products with advanced technologies like AI-based threat detection and real-time threat analysis. But the question is all those products are best as they said. The pc security channel answer this question.

The pc security channel banner.png

This channel started on October 23, 2011. Now, it has earned 169K subscribers and 20,355,579 channel views while I am writing this post. You can find many videos related to the following topics.

  1. Antivirus Tests, Reviews and Product Comparisons | Cybersecurity Tests.
  2. Security Talks covering interesting cybersecurity news and events.
  3. Threat Demonstration and Analysis.
  4. Educational/Informative commentary about cybersecurity topics.
  5. Basic Tutorials and How-To guides.
  6. Enterprise/Business Security Evaluations vs Malware.
  7. Endpoint Security Testing and Analysis.

Here is a necessary video from this channel. It is more focused on the security features of the newly released Windows 11 product.

Windows 11: Better security?


WebDesignGeek logo.png

WebDesignGeek is started on Nov 19, 2018. As of today, this channel has earned 24.3K subscribers and 620,569 channel views. WebDesignGeek is a place to learn UI/UX designing with Adbobe XD. This a best place to get a hands-on experience with Adobe XD if you are a UI designer.

WebDesignGeek banner.png

Here is a video from the WebDesignGeek channel; How to make a website - Adobe XD UI design tutorial

Finally, Youtube is a great way to learn new technical skills. Only you have to spend data charges. Another great thing about using Youtube is, you can find tons of video materials. Anyone who is not bound to a particular frame can get the most out of this platform. Also, it's a great way to spend boring time.

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